Family & Private Governance is different to Corporate

AMPLIFi Governance is about helping Family & Private businesses understand that ‘Governance’ is not the end of the business’s culture, values and freedom.

Governance in Family & Private business delivers:

  • Strategic direction
  • Performance enhancement
  • Risk reduction
  • Investment protection
  • Business sustainability
  • Managed growth
  • Brand value
  • Succession planning

A boardroom culture with independent directors is the proven, respected and sustainable solution to delivering on expectations in family and private business. 


Our History

AMPLIFi Governance’s origins date back to early 2002 when its founders began working with various Family and Private businesses as non-executive directors and in the Chair role. The obvious differences between effective and good governance practices in the Family and Private enterprise compared to those in the publically listed arena led to the development of a range of Boardroom tools, approaches and governance systems that were designed to enhance and add value to that very unique and personal environment.

It soon became obvious that a boardroom culture is not solely the domain of the top end of town. Every business, no matter at what stage, size or level of success can benefit from an independent perspective and a boardroom culture. Importantly, AMPLIFi recognizes that delivering this through the appointment of independent directors who have a long-term approach coupled with personal responsibility and risk ensure they align their interests with those of the business. AMPLIFi Governance was rebranded and expanded in 2010 to more effectively offer its services to Family and Private businesses and continues to successfully deliver results for its client’s boards, directors and partners.


The AMPLIFi Board of Directors


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