Graduates of the AMPLIFi Family & Private Director Course (FPDC), a 4 day practical course in the art of directorship within the family and private business environment are entitled to use the post nominals CFPD.

The CFPD post nominal demonstrates the commitment of the director to the art of practical governance and their understanding of the complexities, nuances and advantages of family & private business. The CFPD post nominal requires no other memberships and is renewed annually through accumulation of professional development points form a multitude of organisations and education institutions.

CFPD Directors have demonstrated that they:

  • understand that a ‘Corporate Governance’ approach is not always applicable to Family & Private businesses
  • have confidence in themselves that they can effect good governance for a Family & Private organisation through an understanding of the environment, legal responsibilities and practical approaches complemented by tools and processes they have learnt or adopted
  • are able to create or participate in an effective board focused on:
    • Creating value to the organisation
    • Providing a framework of accountability
    • Ensuring the sustainability of the organisation across generations or ownership changes
  • are more open to things not being perfect or being different to traditional corporate environments. They are able to comfortably navigate the risks, processes and environmental dynamics that are the fabric of Family & Private organisations.