Working with AMPLIFi Governance

AMPLIFi Governance recognises that many family and private businesses, of all sizes, industries and levels of maturity can benefit from creating or enhancing their own board (whether it be advisory, governing or formal).

Monthly board meetings are key to delivering a competitive advantage to your business. Not only through innovation, but by driving performance through accountability.

A normal board meeting would be expected to include:

  • THINK TANK To undertake research, discussion and other methods to ensure the strategy of the business is being achieved; and that all care and diligence is exercised to ensure sustainability and growth of the business
  • PLANNING To plan and confirm operations, projects and other activities in the next period and to ensure resources and risks are managed.
  • CONFORMANCE To review operations, projects and the operating environment in order to assess opportunity or risk to the business.
AMPLIFi Governance is about helping Family & Private businesses
understand that Good Governance is Good Business.

So how do we enhance or establish a Good Governance culture in your business?

  1. We start by working with your business and stakeholders to develop an understanding of your needs, vision and operations so that we can advise on the best pathway to Good Governance.
  2. We create and maintain a pool of qualified and accredited Associate Directors who will assume a role as an independent Director. These directors are required to have formal qualifications in their local market.  We provide them with additional training, support and systems (delivered online and in person) that add value to their appointment and your business.
  3. We work with our local and global network of strategic partners and introduce to the partner’s clients the advantages of forming a board with an independent Director and the significant benefits that a governance culture brings to the unique world of Family and Private business. All business types and structures are catered for – Proprietary Companies, Unlisted Pubic Companies, Trusts, Partnerships, even Sole Traders. We have worked with start up ventures through to pre-IPO firms looking to position themselves well for the future.
  4. We assist you to find an appropriate independent director for your business from our global pool of qualified Associate Directors and help you to determine the appropriate remuneration for your director.
  5. You are invoiced the agreed Director remuneration on a monthly basis and we continue an intermediary and facilitative role. There are no contracts between you and AMPLIFi Governance.
  6. We provide ongoing support to the Associate Director in the form of confidential peer support, resources and tool kits. We have no mandated ‘program’ as we firmly believe each business and board is unique.

We do also offer your Board access to our Board Portal solution, This additional solution is charged at a low monthly rate and is completely optional depending on the nature, desire and mechanics of your unique Board.

Key commercial aspects to consider

  • No long term or fixed period contracts
  • Pay a fair commercial rate for your directors based on complexity of your business and the experience of the director (invoiced month to month by AMPLIFi Governance)
  • Monthly invoicing from AMPLIFi Governance means no HR liabilities
  • Stop, change or rethink at any time
  • No need to formally appoint, start with an Advisory or Governing Board
  • An AMPLIFi Governance Relationship Manager as an intermediary to help smooth the process of introducing an independent director into your business

If it isn’t working for you and your business, then AMPLIFi Governance doesn’t get rewarded. Success for you is success for us, so we want to get it right and that means understanding you, your business and your aspirations.


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