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AMPLIFiMyBoard Overview

AMPLIFiMyBoard Overview


AMPLIFiMyBoard is a leading, secure and innovative web based board portal that allows boards, committees and governing bodies to:

  • Manage Agendas, Minutes, and Board Papers
  • Provide secure, global access to all the Board’s resources, deliberations and records
  • Track resolutions, delegations, tasks and out of meeting communication between directors, officers and management
  • Create and manage sub committees, circular resolutions (polls, voting or discussions) and help find the best time for the next meeting or extra ordinary meeting
  • Create work flows and rules for approving new business items, agendas and distributing Minutes
  • Produce hard copies or PDFs with a single click from the personalized ‘Dashboard’ for each board member
  • Dynamically take Minutes, record resolutions or delegate tasks during the meeting so at the end of the meeting, all the secretariat work is complete and ideally, your minutes could be circulated then and there
  • Importantly, AMPLIFiMyBoard will send you reminders, record who has accepted the meeting, deliver notifications of when board reports are submitted and give you complete control of your board processes




  • Unlimited users and guests
  • Unlimited meetings
  • Collaboration tools
  • Custom branding
  • Have up to 9 sub-committee portals in addition to your Board portal
  • Individuals who sit on multiple Boards you will have a Dashboard view of all their Boards, Tasks, Dates etc
  • 1 GB Storage for Board documents, reports etc

Commercial Terms

  • 30 Day trial period
  • Pay as you go option $99 (+ gst) per month on your credit card
  • Annual invoice option, with one month free $1089 (+gst)

AMPLIFiMyBoard Pty Ltd has a number of Transition Officers throughout AMPLIFi Governance’s offices that are available to assist Company Secretaries, Chairs and Directors with establishing their Board Portal and transitioning to an e-Board environment.  Standard 1/2 day rates apply ($450 exgst) and most transitions are completed with introductory training within a 1/2 day period.  Travel costs may apply in some circumstances.


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iPhone/iPad/Blackberry and Android Apps available


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