Family and Private Governance

AMPLIFi Governance is about helping Family & Private businesses understand that
Good Governance is Good Business.

Our core business is helping you establish or improve your business’ board and governance culture. Whether it is an advisory board, formal board or a governing board, we approach the appointment of your independent director with personal attention and due diligence.

What a boardroom culture will deliver to your business:

✔  Strategic direction, innovation and perspective

✔  Accountability throughout the enterprise, especially at owner (director) level

✔  Stability and framework to be effective and thrive

✔  Independent perspective on opportunity, risk and internal performance

✔  Establishing a succession framework that demonstrates maturity and success

✔  Compliance with regulatory requirements

A sustainable, respected solution for Family and Private Businesses

At AMPLIFi Governance we simply talk about the businesses we work with being “Family and Private” businesses of all sizes, industries and maturity. We have worked with large, complex and mature firms through to small start up ventures, and everything in-between and either side.

We believe that our clients are ‘Self Selecting’. After having an opportunity to hear about what a boardroom culture in their business means and could deliver, businesses decide as to whether it is right for them.

The key is understanding that good governance doesn’t mean ‘compliance’ and is not only the domain of listed companies. A boardroom culture in your business can help you:

  • To take the business and management to the next level
  • To have more control and understanding
  • To formalise and recognise key people in the business
  • To establish a framework that supports succession and exit
  • To give the kids the best chance of success
  • To avoid ‘Rubber Stamps’
  • To attract investors and lenders, and future intentions (IPO)
  • To prevent disputes and arguments

A boardroom culture with independent directors is the proven, respected and sustainable solution to delivering on expectations in family and private business

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