Our Independent Directors

Our accredited independent directors (Associate Directors) are rigorously vetted and personally selected by AMPLIFi Governance. Each of our Associate Directors have met and exceeded the following criteria:

  • Is a graduate of their respective National Company Director’s Course (In Australia it is the Australian Institute of Company Director’s (AICD) Course; in the UK and New Zealand it is the Institute of Director’s (IoD) Course)
  • Has attended AMPLIFi Accreditation education and continues with our professional development requirements
  • Maintains current membership of their respective National Director’s Institute for professional development and collegiate networks
  • Depth of appropriate experience and skills that fit Family and Private enterprises
  • Education, experience and qualifications position them to be innovative thinkers and they have real potential to add value to a board
  • Access and contributes to AMPLIFiNet (Our web-based resources)
  • AND, has been approved by the AMPLIFi Governance Board as one of our ‘Associate Directors’

Director Development

AMPLIFi Governance understands that the complexity of the Family & Private governance space can be challenging and confronting for our directors. Our Director Development team structure education pathways through the various AMPLIFi endorsed partners (such as the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Institute of Directors, Family Business Australia and Bond University) for our Associate Directors in order to build on their core knowledge and experience.  We supplement this by regular practical workshops, presentations and discussions. Director Development’s objective is to deepen each of our Associate Director’s exposure to practical solutions to effective governance in the Family & Private enterprise.

AMPLIFiNet, AMPLIFiMyBoard and our global peer support network form the core of our Director support resources. We seek to enhance these tools, and strategies through third party organisations and individuals who can assist our Associate Directors widen their knowledge and skill. If you believe you or your organisation may be able to contribute to the professional development of our Associate Directors, then please contact us to discuss. Importantly, we have no third party commercial arrangements and our basis of provision is on realised and potential value to our Associate Directors.

For more information on our Director Development please e-mail: directordev@amplifigovernance.com


What can you expect from an AMPLIFi Governance Associate Director?


✔ Good cultural fit

✔ Experience as a director

✔ Availability

✔ Specialist skills

✔ Judgment and perspective

✔ Track record of success

✔ Networking opportunities

✔ Ability to not interfere

✔ Independence and objectivity

✔ Integrity

✔ Challenge ‘sacred cows’

✔ Intellectual curiosity

✔ Most importantly, good cultural fit (so important it is down twice)


Our clients are not contracted and pay no recruitment, placement or consulting fees.

AMPLIFi Governance is remunerated through a percentage of the mutually agreed Director’s fee which is paid monthly.

Director’s remuneration is based around industry conventions and essentially is a mix between complexity of the business and the Director’s experience and skills.


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