Our Purpose

Building Private, Family and Unlisted Boards with accredited Independent Directors

We help you design and implement an appropriate board for your business. From an Advisory Board to a Governing or Formal Board, AMPLIFi Governance understands Family & Private business and the unique governance factors that come with working with family or partners in a private enterprise.

Importantly we help you find and appoint a qualified independent director as a member of your board. The independent director can assume the role of Chair and will help create or enhance your Board to deliver an effective Governance Culture.

The types of businesses we help are varied. We like to refer to them as ‘self selecting’. No business is too young or too old; too small or too large:

  • Family businesses and successful enterprises that have grown to a point where personality leadership by founders is no longer enough
  • Businesses with multiple stakeholders who are seeking better governance systems and a culture of accountability
  • Businesses struggling with family conflict
  • Businesses with existing Board structures that are seeking to enhance the Board’s effectiveness
  • Businesses that are looking to Succession Planning
  • Businesses with leaders who find its lonely at the top:
    • PERSPECTIVE ‘How am I going?’
    • OPINION ‘I need someone to bounce ideas off!’
    • ADVICE ‘What do you think I should do?’
    • KNOWLEDGE ‘I wish I knew more about…’
    • ACCOUNTABILITY ‘I’ll get to it next month’
AMPLIFi recognises that many family and private businesses, of all sizes, industries and levels of maturity can benefit from creating or enhancing their own board (whether it be formal or informal).


Key benefits of a board

Key Benefits of a Board


Driving Performance through Independence

Successful firms of all sizes use their Board to deliver a competitive advantage, strategic thinking, risk management, and the results expected by the owners.

A key rationale to place directors with your business to help create or enhance your board is that an independent director’s accountability (by law) for the decisions they facilitate is an important differentiator, and one that really sees them with ‘skin in your game’.

An independent director brings new perspective, experiences, skills and insights to your business that will enhance the way you operate. AMPLIFi Governance’s view is that a homogenous board of directors does not necessarily drive innovation or challenge the status quo. Independence of thought and action generates a dynamic in your boardroom that will drive your business’s success and importantly, hold it and its people accountable. Accountability is what drives business performance. You only need look back to your school day assignments to know that the deadline drove the effort.

It’s not a matter of throwing around some wisdom and then leaving you to do the work. An AMPLIFi Associate Director has all care and all responsibility. Most appointments are for several years, and thus they will have to live with the advice, opinion and decisions they provide the board.

For AMPLIFi Governance this approach reflects our commitment to long-term sustainable solutions. Read more about our thoughts on accountability here.

A boardroom culture with independent directors is the proven, respected and sustainable solution to delivering on expectations in family and private business.


In summary

We assist firms by

✔ Complementing a board’s existing director mix

✔ Establishing a board and matching the business with a professional Independent director

✔ Helping businesses understand the difference between ‘corporate governance’ and ‘family & private governance’

✔ Businesses do not sign contracts – if it isn’t delivering value you can stop at any time


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